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LEIRIA Borboleta Madeira  Forno  com acabamento Black Brick Arc e Stucco

  • Dimensões: 90x90 cm (35,43" x 35,43")
  • porta de alumínio
  • Isolado
  • Forno preparado para uso com espeto (acessórios vendidos separadamente)
  • A base de metal/madeira não está incluída 


Informações de cuidados: 

  • Para maior durabilidade do forno, instale-o em local seco, isolado e coberto, evitando a exposição a intempéries adversas, sendo protegido com tampa.

LEIRIA Butterfly Wood Oven with Black Brick Arc and Stucco finish (90x90cm)

SKU: JVP-1996

    • What Does Liftgate at Delivery Mean? When a shipment has been specified as requiring a liftgate at delivery, it generally means that the consignee (party receiving the shipment) does not have a shipping dock or a forklift to unload the freight (Wood Oven). 
    • Please, select LIFTGATE SERVICE CHARGE (click the link), add to cart to pay for this service. 
    • Notice: If you do not select and pay for this service your product will not be unloaded during delivery, and it will be returned to our warehouse. In order to redelivery shipping cost will apply plus Liftgate Service Charge. 
    • If you have any question about this service/charge please contact us at 941-862-0061 or email us at



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